How to properly choose artwork for medical offices

We bring you some tips for choosing the right artwork for medical offices in an easy way

How to properly choose artwork for medical offices

If you’re wondering how to correctly choose artwork for medical offices, you’re in the right place right now. On Smart Art, we want to provide you with the best advice regarding art, and the medical sector is no exception.

Health professionals who choose to open offices have the advantage of being able to place their style and visual identity in the decoration. In addition, offices, being smaller than clinics, can also convey to the patient the feeling of a more welcoming environment.

However, for this to really happen, it is necessary to have the right criteria to choose the right artwork for medical offices. Therefore, in this article we are going to provide you with the best guidance we can, so that you can achieve it in the best possible way.

When it comes to decorating, many may imagine that you need to spend a large amount of money to make the environment cozy and ideal for pleasing patients. However, the truth is that by following small tips you can get the result you want, so check out the following essential tips for decorating your office.

Investing in the reception when choosing artwork for medical offices

The reception area is where the patient’s first contact in the office takes place, so this place plays an important role in the patient’s perception of your business. Because of that, it is necessary to set up an environment that is not only beautiful, but also welcoming and comfortable.

When the office is small, it is necessary to use some tricks to make the environment feel spacious. This involves the use of lighter colors and the absence of dividers, and mirrors can also give the feeling of a larger space.

In terms of furniture arrangement, when you’re choosing artwork for medical offices, it is important that there is free space for the circulation of people. Seating should be comfortable and care should be taken with the number of patients so that no one is left without a seat. 

It is not necessary that the colors are repeated among the objects to match, but there should be harmony among the tones. For this, it is always advisable to have the guidance of a professional in the field, since he/she will be able to provide you with the best recommendations.

As for decorative elements, you can use pictures and even plants, such as flowers, whether natural or artificial. It should be noted that artificial plants tend to accumulate a lot of dust, so it is necessary that they are always very clean. 

If you choose natural flowers, it is important to take into account the allergy factor. It is well known that there are many people allergic to different plants, therefore, it is important to take them into consideration.

Put your style while choosing artwork for medical offices

Your style is a very important thing to put while decorating your medical office

In several clinics and offices what has been noticed is the presence of light colors, and often even an environment taken by the color white. As said before, light colors can bring the feeling of a more spacious environment, but nothing prevents the decoration to be composed of colors that synthesize your style.

Giving your personal touch to the decoration, makes your personality be imprinted on the environment, so the advice here is to place your style in the office. A contemporary style allows the use of armchairs and furniture with straight lines and sober colors. 

For a more relaxed style, colorful chairs and a wall with a color that stands out can make a difference. When decorating, it is very important to be authentic, so putting your own style when you’re choosing artwork for medical offices  is something that can’t go wrong.

Mixing materials and textures

Versatility of material is the key to achieve a great decoration with artwork for medical offices

It is important that the textures convey comfort as well as your furniture, because texture is one of the elements that invites interaction. In this sense, avoid rough textures in your sofas, chairs, bathrooms, etc, because that it’s not recommended when you’re talking about artwork for medical offices.

Using different types of texture makes the design more interesting, which means you can choose different textures for a piece. However, if you prefer, you can also use a single texture for the whole space with different colors, 

Believe us, that can make your decor very interesting and attractive as well. Some suggestions for mixing are: Leather, wood, glass and marble, so these are the most chosen elements for their versatility and aesthetics.

  • Leather

It looks great in upholstery, it can be present in armchairs that have exposed wooden parts, for example. However, it can bring the sensation of cold because it is an icy texture, use it with caution to have a proper artwork for medical offices.

  • Wood

Being a heat-generating element, it can be used in panels, pictures, desk counters, blinds and on the floor. Undoubtedly, the versatility of wood and its excellent presence, consolidates it as one of the best materials for these cases.

  • Glass

Glass can be mixed with wood elements to lighten the environment and create a very good looking space. If you ask us, glass is one of our favorite elements to decorate a medical office.

  • Marble

Marble can be present in tables, counters or even be part of the floor. You can put it on almost any surface and you know you’ll get a good result.



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