Have you ever done chalk pastel artwork before? We analyze this ?️

Have you ever done chalk pastel artwork before? We analyze this ?️

We are not exaggerating when we say that almost everyone has made a piece of artwork with chalk pastel at one time or another. After all, it is a material that is widely used for school assignments and allows us to explore our creativity a bit. However, do you know how important this material could be for creating professional quality drawings? This is precisely what we will be analyzing today.

Pastel colors are clearly an excellent choice for creating beautiful effects when drawing. After all, it is not only the color that draws attention to them, but also the beautiful soft texture that permeates the drawings. They clearly call for tranquility and peace, which can be specifically characterized in scenes. Still, not everyone knows how to use this material properly.

It is clear that pastel chalks are underestimated because of how easy it is to access them. They can be found in any school and are used for very childish works. However, professional artists know how to take advantage of the characteristics of chalk and this is reflected in the type of works they do. Have you seen any of the beautiful drawings that include the use of chalk?

Today we will be talking about why drawings made with pastel chalk can be an excellent option for decorating. We will analyze the pros that can lead you to make the right decision when betting on this type of material. With nothing more to add, we invite you to stay until the end of this article.

What are the advantages of pastel chalk artwork?

Pastel chalk drawings can be of landscapes

For many people, it is not really clear why pastel chalk artworks are so eye-catching. However, it is the artists who are clear about the advantage that this material offers. That is why, little by little, the use of chalk techniques is gaining popularity in many exhibitions. The capacity of dissemination is becoming more and more useful.

Even so, what we want is to know what are the advantages for which chalk drawings are the best option. For that we only have to analyze the characteristics that this material offers when it comes to making designs and drawings. The same ones that are used by artists to create stunning works.

1. Velvety texture

We spoke a few moments ago and it is that the velvety texture of the drawings is possible thanks to the chalk. In fact, this material generates this sensation without the need to use a special technique for it. You only have to make constant strokes and you will notice how the surface is painted very smoothly. Something that can be used to play with textures in a drawing.

That is to say, other materials tend to generate varied textures, which can be used by the painter. The key is to know where to capture the softness of the chalk and what materials to use for the rest.

2. Blurring

It is clear that the main reason why people tend to use pastel chalk is because of the blurring. This characteristic is achieved by partially erasing a line drawn with this material. Historically it has been used as a technique to generate lights and shadows in drawings, although its uses are greater.

Undoubtedly, blurring is an excellent way to create perspective. It is also a subtle way of coloring surfaces without making the tone look exaggeratedly dark. It is a feature that is difficult to recreate with other painting materials and should therefore be taken advantage of.

3. Easy to use

If you are going to work with paints you will need a palette, brushes of all kinds and cleaning materials. In addition, it is clear that you should always take special care when painting. This is something that does not happen when we talk about chalk, which is much easier to use compared to paint.

To make drawings with chalk the only thing you will need is precisely the chalk to be used. No brushes, no mixtures, no special care. You will only have to make the strokes you want and blur them. This is a clear advantage, since you will not have to acquire any type of tool to be able to draw with chalks.

4. Great durability

It is clear that durability is another feature to highlight in the chalks. Unlike paints, these do not crack or change color over the years. Something that we can see in other materials that turn yellowish or become darker.

Of course, it is important that you do a correct framing of the work that allows the aunt to stay in place. This is because the particles can move in case the drawing is exposed to the wind.

5. Easy to mix and match

Just as you hear it, it is not difficult to mix pastel shades to generate new colors. Chalk offers you this possibility and, moreover, they do it in a very natural way. One of the most commonly used techniques is with a cloth that helps to integrate two colors on the canvas.

However, fingers are also an excellent option to cause the effect of mixing colors. However, you must practice it well, as it requires a little more technique. The result is extremely impressive.

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