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Workplace Stress

4 Ways to Help Eliminate Stress at Work

It’s not uncommon to hear most adults say that they spend so many nights awake, worrying about the uncertainty of their futures. Four out of 10 people that work in large corporations face the threat of retrenchment, and this contributed…

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Boosts Productivity

How Art Can Help Your Employees Be More Productive

Did you know that people who work in enriched spaces become 17% more productive than those working in lean environments? In past decades, employees were resigned to working in bland environments with no external inspiration. In today’s workplace, however, things…

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5 Ways Art Can Improve Healing

Art has been used to express feelings for centuries. It is also a good way to improve one’s well-being. Children normally start modeling clay and making drawings to express emotions and reduce stress. Research has shown that art therapy is…

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