Born in Newfoundland in 1974, Susan had a small town upbringing. She concentrated on sports and education, and graduated Memorial University with a Master of Education Degree, Bachelors in Education and Physical Education. Despite her accomplishments, she had an intrinsic need to explore her creative side and to surround herself with brightness.
Vanessa Webb
Vanessa Webb’s oil paintings, collages and mixed media drawings explore themes such as self-discovery and femininity, as well as uncertainty and cognitive distortions.  Her style and experimentation differ depending on the medium.  As an artist, she is inspired by Pop Art and Surrealism.  Many of her pieces encompass bold design and vibrant colors.
Matt Stock
Matt Stock picked up a camera at an early age. Growing up he had two passions: photography and science. After deviating from the traditional path and his original plan to becoming a doctor, he realized that his passion in life lay in photography and not medicine. Matt formally studied at the internationally renowned Miami Ad School of Miami Beach, Florida but as a life-long learner he has spent the past eight years developing his signature style of Painting with Light in the Dark.
I believe that art should take you somewhere; take you to an imaginary place or time that doesn’t actually exist. I want my work to make your imagination start revving and searching for a time or place that only appears in your mind when you view my images.

I travel quite a bit and many of my journeys have been documented in my work. Looking at my body of work, one can see that I am drawn to faces, doors, windows and walls in the places I visit. I prefer to be non-specific in my choices of photographic themes and therefore my selection of subject matter tends to be quite eclectic. Saturated, bright colors as well as detailed subject matter are evident in all my color works.
Michelle Renee Garrison was born on Valentine’s Day, and grew up in Worthington, Ohio. Her interest in art began at an early age while attending youth classes at CCAD. As a student at Thomas Worthington High School, she began to exhibit her paintings competitively at both local and state levels. After high school she lived in both Arizona and Oregon, and continued to show her works at local galleries.
The founders of Nikaa Photography Co., Hajna and Hanna Németh, mother and daughter have been working together since 2007. During this time, they have been proven in many areas of photography, from worldwide famous book illustrations to portrait photography. Their latest plan is to decorate the plain walls of homes, waiting rooms, hotel rooms and offices with the small, sometimes invisible beauties of nature. This is why Nikaa Photography Wall Decor was created, where Hajna is acting mostly as the “painter” while Hanna is the sharp-eyed “gallery owner”. Of course, nothing is set in stone, roles can change occasionally, but one thing is guaranteed: the brilliant images that can fill any blank space with life.
My art is a combination of chance and deliberation.
I want the viewer to get lost in the imagery, to feel
a freedom to peek into a world that radiates vibrations
of hues that evoke the expression of pure joy.
Surreal and Fine art work from the norwegian photographer and digital artist Erik Brede.

Producing a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver is what Brede’s artwork focuses on. Influenced by renowned artist like Ansel Adams and Rene Magritte, Brede creates surreal and fine digital artwork . Brede follows a conceptual approach thus utilizing a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered manner. His work focuses on concrete questions that determine our existence.
American of Puerto Rican and Lebanese Dominican descent born in the battered, burning South Bronx of the late 70s to immigrant parents. I was privileged to study across the river/world’s away in Manhattan, starting with the Visual Arts program at LaGuardia high school and followed by undergraduate studies at New York University as a Studio Arts major My university experience included learning from Katie Schimert and Lawrence Chua, exhibiting alongside Nate Lowman, and lead to a post graduate apprenticeship with Paul Pfeiffer starting in May of 2001. Following 9/11 (during which I was blissfully unaware of the carnage unfolding only blocks away as I worked on digital video pieces) I reconsidered the direction of my artistic practice.
Over the course of my life, I have had several experiences that I call ‘other-worldly’, moments in which I perceived the world around me in an extraordinary way. One of these moments occurred while at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I was in one room of the museum and it appeared that everything in the room was connected with lines of light; then I moved to another room and again everything was connected with lines of light; and then into a third room, and yet again, everything was connected with lines of light. Physically it took me five minutes to walk from room to room ── the actual emotional experience was instantaneous. It was, so to speak, ‘out of ordinary time and space’, in another dimension, the fourth dimension.
Since childhood I have been intrigued and fascinated by Nature’s beauty. There are naturally occurring colors, textures and exquisite patterns that man can only hope to duplicate. In an effort to capture and create an amalgam of my visions, I studied art, photography and design at colleges in Milwaukee and Chicago. I always came back to photography as the most honest way to capture what I saw. I moved to New Hampshire in 1971 working through the years as a layout artist and copywriter, freelance studio photographer, therapeutic riding instructor and mother. However, I never put down my camera.
My photography is informed by having been a painter since the early 70’s. That practice influences the color, atmosphere, space, and organization. It determines the purpose of my photographs.
It is always about the landscape. Initially, the camera served as a vehicle for visual notations on the environments I explored throughout the world – a reference tool for my large-scale paintings.
Jennifer Kruse grew up in Colorado Springs where she still calls home. She has been an artist since she was 3 years old, when she picked up her first set of watercolors and was hooked. In the years since, she has broadened from children’s watercolors to acrylic paints, oils, colored pencils, and sharpies.
As a compelling contemporary abstract expressionist painter, Federico Lepe features a mesmerizing style which pushes color into configurations bold and inventive.
While many artists use color as their identifying quality, Mr. Lepe works with astonishing grace and originality in shades, or degrees of color. Much of his work presents monochromatic canvases drenched in color of varying intensity.
Rick Garcia was born in Havana, Cuba, and very soon after, his parents relocated to Miami, Florida. He was always encouraged to follow his dream of pursuing and developing his talent in art. In later years he found a deep-rooted connection to surrealism, especially the work of Salvador Dali. Garcia had become obsessed with the unique images and amazing technique of the spanish painter and he eventually traveled to Port Lligat, Spain to visit the home and surroundings of his mentor. After years of attending the Art Institute of Miami, where he refined his artistic vision in drawing and painting, he was soon earning an income from published illustrations. Garcia has enjoyed a rich and diverse career starting with the hit TV show “Miami Vice” commissioning him to create a mural on the side of a three story building, and used his paintings for interior shots.
American oil painter Margaret Biggs, OPA pays homage to the beauty found in nature and the spirituality a relationship with it ensures. Her depictions, often bordering between the elements of abstraction and realism, have been described as both modern and surrealistic. Using an elaborate method of layered oil on canvas, Biggs creates landscapes, seascapes, still life, and what she has come to term holistic pieces that communicate the meaning and inspiration she feels in the natural world.
“My work has made me aware of the subconscious mind.” British artist Sangeeta is a contemporary artist with a multifaceted approach that encompasses paintings (in acrylic and mixed media), drawings, watercolours and sculptures (in bronze).

Sangeeta’s overarching artistic style is of pure abstract expression, which requires sheer introspection. Her work displays a vivid imagination combined with a sense of fantasy and some inspiration from the real world.
As an ever evolving photographer, Larry Emerson is a master at seeing what most of us overlook. His keen eye and vibrant color sense beautifully
highlights the details of everyday life.

With a background in biology at New York’s Fordham University, and further education in photography at the Germain School of Photography, Larry has an unparalleled love of nature and beauty. After serving in the army and being twice wounded in Vietnam, it is clear that he is not only an incredibly talented photographer but an inspirational person.
Julia Tatiyatrairong is an emerging artist working in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Growing up exposed to the art scene in Portland, she has been surrounded by creative inspiration starting at a young age. After studying visual arts at Brown University, she is back on the west coast continuing to make art. Her use of traditionally feminine practices, like knitting, crochet, and embroidery, into her current work is deeply personal. The labor and materiality emotes in her figures and abstractions.

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