About the Artist:

I believe that art should take you somewhere; take you to an imaginary place or time that doesn’t actually exist. I want my work to make your imagination start revving and searching for a time or place that only appears in your mind when you view my images.

I travel quite a bit and many of my journeys have been documented in my work. Looking at my body of work, one can see that I am drawn to faces, doors, windows and walls in the places I visit. I prefer to be non-specific in my choices of photographic themes and therefore my selection of subject matter tends to be quite eclectic. Saturated, bright colors as well as detailed subject matter are evident in all my color works.

My images can either be “gritty” in texture, with deep shadows and subdued highlights, or have bright, saturated colors with vibrant highlights and dynamic shadows. I use everything in my post-processing quiver to give my work a certain mystery and beauty that makes the viewer mull over my reasons for making the photograph.


• Many of my images are displayed in corporate offices and private collections nationwide.

•Juried Exhibit – Maryland Federation of Art – “Focal Point” at The MFA Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland January 26 – February 25, 2017

• Juried Group Show – Oasis Art Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland November – January 2016-2017

• “One Man Show” – Oasis Art Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland August – September, 2015

• Juried Exhibit – Maryland Federation Of Art – “MD Art @ College Park” June, 2015 • Juried Exhibit “Viewpoint 2015” – Studio Montclair, May, 2015

• Juried Exhibit – “All That’s Jazz” at Philadelphia’s Art In City Hall April 6—May 29, 2015

• Juried Exhibit – Maryland Federation of Art “Stormy Weather” at the Maryland Art Museum’s “Stormy Weather.” January 15 – March 15, 2015

• First Place and Honorable Mention in the 2014 Photographic Society of America – Mid-Atlantic International Cups Competition

• Finalist and Honorable Mention Award 2013 Washington Post Travel Photo Contest

• First Place winner of FOTOWEEKDC 2012 People’s Choice International Awards Competition

• Abstract Image prominently displayed in Times Square, NYC in the international Art Takes Times Square Show Jack Rosenberg Fine Art Photography by Jack Rosenberg

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