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About the Artist:

As a compelling contemporary abstract expressionist painter, Federico Lepe features a mesmerizing style which pushes color into configurations bold and inventive.
While many artists use color as their identifying quality, Mr. Lepe works with astonishing grace and originality in shades, or degrees of color. Much of his work presents monochromatic canvases drenched in color of varying intensity.
However, Mr. Lepe’s art supersedes mere visual technique. The blending of shades is so gradual and seamless that it is difficult to delineate exactly where the color transforms and he is by no means limited to one color monochromatics, his blues are as brilliant as his reds are blazing.
The scope of his art reveals Mr. Lepe to be an artist genuinely possessing the eye and patience to explore color’s intricacies and subtle gradations. It took an extraordinary concentration to produce these works but as a viewer the experience requires no advanced intellectualizing. Mr. Lepe’s paintings inspire in their spiritual ethereality and haunting beauty.
A successful artist in his native Mexico, Mr. Lepe is a highly accomplished young artist . With exhibitions in Mexico, New York, Miami, Boston, London, Barcelona, Italy, Montreal, Atlanta , among other places and has placed art work in numerous corporate and private collections .
In his words:
“Entropy is the clash of two systems that produce a certain type of chaos, what a fascinating event!
I always try to produce an event in painting that resembles entropy, a very
dynamic situation that enhances movement, depth in composition, compelling use of colour and a balance that hangs by a thread.
Obtaining these elements will merit a work of art with a presence and it will
command it’s own space.
Almost two decades have gone by in my artistic vocation, immersing myself in a variety of techniques and themes for the purpose to take hold of a new
experience and enhance the power of contemplation each time I complete a new and original work of art”.