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About the Artist:

Sonali is a multiple international award winning contemporary artist. She has been written about in various magazines and has been invited to talk about art on local Austin community radio. She also writes blogs to promote the power of art in the healing process of mind and body motivating others by her own personal experiences. She has exhibited internationally and her artworks are in private collections around the world. She has auctioned her paintings at local fundraisers.
Her body of work is diverse – from representational to abstract and her expressions are strong, bold and compelling. Her subjects are real, and whether happy or sad, she paints it in her own personal style. The unique part about her is that she ends her artwork with an inspirational note as she believes that it’s not what the situations are but how they are dealt with. She mainly works on canvas with oil and acrylic paints.
Her intent is to make her art conversational and make viewers to look within and see what it says to them. She says, “Art should move you and not just hang on the wall”. Her background in Psychology makes her want to study people which inspires her to paint human forms because it evokes different emotions. She doesn’t hold back on her creativity and push her cultural restraints to express her thoughts on any issue or subject.
Born and raised in India, she currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida.