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About the Artist:

“I am an artist who presently lives in the United States. It is the fourth country and third continent in which I find my inspiration to create my artwork.
Born in Belgium, Europe, I finished my art studies there just before moving to Mozambique with my husband in the eighties.
In 1990, after a short return to Belgium, we left for South Africa, where we stayed for 10 years. This country, with its rich cultural diversity, was a source of inspiration.
I initially painted colorful market scenes and people but moved away into sculptures as subjects for my paintings.
The painting process itself has become more expressionistic: a new painting starts with a vague idea or impression and takes shape without initial planning. An abstract background is often the start of a picture shaped by the colors I added.
I enjoy the creative process of painting: one cannot describe the feeling when time and surroundings “disappear” during these moments of concentration, which can also be healing when I feel lonely, being so far away from my family and friends in Belgium. There is no specific subject preference to paint: it may be people, objects still lifes, etc… although the last years I’m more focused on nature. The inspiration for my landscapes are found everywhere .The light falling on the grass during a short walk in the neighborhood, the movement and curves coming from tree branches or far away exotic trips. The end result is more imaginative than narrative.
I had exhibitions in Belgium, South Africa, USA and sold artwork to private collectors in different countries.”