The Benefits of Art in Healthcare: How Viewing Art Can Boost Patients’ Well-Being

The Benefits of Art in Healthcare: How Viewing Art Can Boost Patients’ Well-Being

If you run a hospital or healthcare facility, your top priority is likely the quality of patient care. But while medications, surgeries, and physical therapy treatments are vital components of excellent care, there’s another element that can be extremely beneficial for patients: art. The need for artwork for healthcare facilities is often overlooked, but it can be an important supplement to a patient’s experience and medical care.

For facilities that want to improve their art options, healthcare art consulting firms like ours will help to simplify the process and select pieces that can aid in patients’ recovery. There are countless benefits of art in hospitals and healthcare facilities. We’ll take a closer look at a few below.

  • Art can reduce stress and anxiety
    Several studies have documented that viewing art can drastically reduce stress levels. One study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found that after viewing pieces in the hospital’s contemporary art collection, more than 60% of patients reported a decrease in stress. And because stress and anxiety can make certain conditions — like high blood pressure and heart issues — worse, being able to reduce those levels naturally, rather than chemically, has many advantages. In addition, being in a hospital or other healthcare facility can be scary for many patients; if something as simple as having art on the walls can produce feelings of calm, thus allowing patients to obtain better care, there’s truly no downside.
  • Art can distract and inspire
    One of the great things about art is that it can evoke all kinds of emotions and serve many different purposes. Using an art consulting service can help you find pieces to fit your intent. Art can act as a positive distraction from physical pain, depression, or lengthy recovery periods. It can also result in increased levels of creative inspiration, engaging those who view these pieces and allowing them to use their imaginations. As adults, we don’t often get to engage this part of our brain, but it can be incredibly helpful when we are in painful or confining circumstances.
  • Art can make patients happier
    When you view a piece of art you find beautiful, studies have shown that this actually produces responses in the brain that are similar to what you experience when you fall in love. Looking at art can actually trigger a release of dopamine. Art has the power to captivate and amuse, which can go a long way in increasing patient happiness. Having regular access to art in a healthcare facility can also increase patient satisfaction and can actually impact their perception of the care they’re receiving. Since art makes us feel good about our environment, it’s not surprising that facilities who work with an art consulting firm will often have higher employee and patient morale.
  • Art can speed up healing
    Research has found that having art on the walls can reduce the time a patient needs to spend in a hospital or healthcare center. It’s been found to shorten operation recovery periods, mental healthcare treatment times, the length of hospital stays, and more. Art may also decrease the need for certain medications and dull pain perception. When patients can recover more quickly, a facility can take on more patients in a shorter period of time and can essentially treat patients in a more effective way.

Mounting evidence has shown that having wall art in healthcare facilities can help patients in numerous ways. If you’d like to improve the artwork at your facility, our art consulting firm is here to help with every step of the process. For more information, contact Smart Art today.



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