Art Works At Work: How Adding It Can Help Your Business Rise Above The Rest

Art Works At Work: How Adding It Can Help Your Business Rise Above The Rest

By now, many organizations have come to understand that art in the workplace does far more than make the environment more aesthetically pleasing. The truth is that people who work in enriched spaces (featuring workplace decorations, art, or plants) are 17% more productive than those who work in lean spaces. But how exactly does art have an effect on how well we work? Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the specific ways that workplace art boosts creativity and can allow you to become a leader in your industry as a result.

Being surrounded by art increases creativity

It makes sense that being around creativity begets creativity. A blank wall is by no means inspirational, but a painting or photograph can act as a catalyst for the imagination. Most businesses want to be known as innovative problem-solvers who blaze the trail (in one way or another) in their industry. If you want to do that, you need employees with ingenuity. Although some of that does come naturally, putting thought-provoking art pieces in the office can encourage that creativity to really come out. It’s far more effective than motivational posters or beige paint. These pieces will lead to ideas and collaborative discussions that might not otherwise have emerged, thus allowing your team to grow.

Art can reduce workplace stress

While some people work well under pressure, being under that constant weight isn’t sustainable. Unfortunately, Americans are experiencing more workplace stress than ever before — and it’s impacting their ability to produce results. A calming nature scene can serve as a momentary distraction or even a makeshift reset button from all of the anxiety inducing events that are bound to happen throughout the work week. Even if the work you do is bound to be stressful, having a more relaxing atmosphere to do that work in can have a profound effect on how efficient and loyal employees are. By reducing that stress, art boosts productivity and allows for your employees to refocus or even decrease fatigue, eye strain, and other physical ailments that can come with a tense environment. No one can do their best when they feel depleted of energy and feel overwhelmed; art can refuel and replenish your employees in ways you never thought possible.

Artwork reinforces company culture and values

Many employers complain that workplace loyalty is a concept of the past, but that’s not necessarily true. Employers often just need to work a little harder to ensure their employees feel valued and that they connect to the central ethos of your organization. Taking the effort to display art on your office walls says a lot about your brand. Not only does it show that you’re proud of this workplace and that you want to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for employees, but it can also drive home your brand identity and allow employees to feel more involved. Whether you choose to decorate with local art or pieces that really speak to your central message, taking the time to carefully curate this workspace shows clients and employees alike how serious you are about satisfaction. That, in turn, boosts productivity among your workers and will make customers want to work with you. That’s a win/win in terms of beating out the competition.

There’s no doubt that art boosts productivity, but now we hope you’ll have a clearer idea of how this is accomplished. To find out more about working with an art consultant for your offices, contact us today.



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