Want to Know How to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Hotels? It’s in Your Art Selection

Want to Know How to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Hotels? It’s in Your Art Selection

Many a hotelier and restauranteur have wanted to know more about how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels and found that choosing the right kind of art is key. After all, a recent study found that when subjects looked at a beautiful painting, blood flow increased by 10% to the brain’s “joy response” center, creating the same sensation that’s experienced when looking at a loved one. To ensure that guests and patrons have a memorable and positive experience at these establishments, art for hotels and restaurants needs to be chosen with great thought and care.

But what if you run a hotel that has its own cafe or restaurant? Choosing artwork for a hotel’s own eatery is a bit different from furnishing a standalone establishment. You’ll need to consider the overall theme and mood of your hotel and ensure your restaurant’s design ties in with it. Using an art consultant in Miami is a great way to ensure continuity throughout each part of your business.

However, keep in mind that your restaurant does need to distinguish itself a bit from the rest of your hotel. Historically, a hotel’s restaurant was often more about convenience than quality. But that’s changed quite a bit in recent years. Although owners and managers still need to focus on how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels they run, they don’t always need to depend on these guests to fill up the tables in their restaurant. That is, if they market themselves effectively, decorate beautifully, and offer a fantastic menu and overall experience. Instead of hoping to appeal to out-of-town guests for business in the dining room, you can make your hotel’s restaurant a real destination for visitors and locals alike — whether they’ve chosen to stay with you or not.

There’s a lot that goes into making sure your hotel’s restaurant becomes a hot spot, but one is that you can’t treat your restaurant’s design and decor as an afterthought.

As Alex Taylor, senior vice president of restaurants and bars for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, explained to Skift.com, “Rather than creating a unique concept for the restaurant specifically, hotel restaurants often end up as a last-minute addition to the larger enterprise. For hotel restaurants to be fresh and well received, they need to be concepted and treated as a unique business entity separate but compatible with the hotel.”

Ultimately, that means that you’ll want to work with the same hotel artwork suppliers you used to decorate your entire establishment for the sake of cohesion. But that doesn’t mean your restaurant should be indistinguishable from your main lobby; it simply means that the general feel should make sense for your brand. If you run a casual and family-friendly hotel, for example, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have a stuffy and expensive restaurant as the only option for your guests. Likewise, a hip, industrial restaurant with lots of contemporary photographs on the walls doesn’t really jive with a historic hotel that’s steeped in traditional heavy furniture and still life paintings. While your restaurant can have its own identity, that identity should fall in place with your business’s mission and identity overall.

Whatever your business’s aesthetic, working with an art consultant in Miami to furnish your hotel and its restaurant is a great investment. You’ll want to have unity between your eatery and your lodgings without making the two overly similar. Not sure where to start with your design? If you’re looking for an art consultant in Miami for this purpose, we’re here to assist you and help make your hotel’s restaurant into an exciting hub for your clients.



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