Meet the incredible and intriguing art of suspended sculpture ?

Wind bells were the earliest forms of suspended sculptures

Meet the incredible and intriguing art of suspended sculpture ?

Undoubtedly the art of suspended sculpture has been a lot to talk about. We know that sculptures often represent imposing figures, or sometimes something more mysterious. They are a very important element when you want to decorate central areas or go beyond the decoration of the walls.

However, there is something we all know that plays against sculptures in general. They are beautiful, extravagant and more, but they really also tend to take up a lot of space. Depending on the dimensions of the place where you want to place it this can represent a problem that few people like to take on.

That is, we are always struggling to have free space in our home or workplace. We don’t want objects in the way, so we prefer to decorate the walls. Luckily, suspended sculptures appear as a solution to this problem.

That is, they are so called because they are not resting on the floor. Rather, they are hung from the ceiling so they take up less space. In addition, you can add some movement to it to create catching visual effects every time someone admires the artwork. It is a contemporary decorative element although its evolution comes from the last century.

Would you be interested in having a suspended piece of art in your office, living room or hallway? It doesn’t matter if it is a medium sized room or a large reception hall. Suspended sculptures are an excellent option for you to add style to any space. Find out more about this art form below.

Do you know where suspended sculpture art comes from?

The art of suspended sculpture is exceptional

Have you ever wondered how we got to the art of suspended sculpture? It is important to know that any artistic movement has evolved significantly over the years. In the case of suspended sculptures we can find that the first records of something similar are found in a very well known element nowadays.

That is to say, with the passing of history new ideas about suspended art were generated. This evolved and merged with other styles to create the modern sculptures that we can see today. Do you know where this idea was born? These are some of the first samples of this artistic style:

1. The bells

We can say that the wind bells qualify as suspended works of art. The truth is that they have been around for many, many years. One of the oldest records of wind bells dates back to 3,000 B.C. according to archaeological findings in Asia.

2. Furin

Another predecessor of today’s suspended sculptures comes from Japan. These are the classic glass bells that became popular in Japan between approximately 1,600 and 1,800 A.D.

3. Himmeli

It could not miss one of the creations of Finnish lands. They were made with straw and were usually triangular in shape, although more complex. It also developed movement with air currents.

The art of suspended sculpture is magnificent

If you have never seen the art of suspended sculpture you will surely be amazed when you see it for the first time. It doesn’t matter if it is a moving figure or a set of static pieces. These create a visual effect that impresses anyone who observes them. That’s why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to install one of these in your office or living room.

Of course, it turns out that this type of art is somewhat more complicated than putting up a painting or something similar. It requires durable materials that can support the weight of the sculpture no matter what it is. These materials must also be properly attached to the ceiling, as they often come loose due to poor installation.

It is clear that this work requires qualified personnel. After all, the conditions of the space where the sculpture is to be placed must be studied. A work must be produced that fits both the place and the client’s needs. Materials that allow for a successful installation must be sought and then the installation must be carried out.

The whole process must be carried out to perfection since art is delicate. Being able to enjoy such beautiful works of art will not be possible if special attention to detail is not paid. In order for you to avoid problems in this regard, it is necessary to work with a better company specialized in art in Miami.

Smart Art Inc takes care of your suspended sculpture art

Whenever we want to add some decoration in our properties we are always faced with so many options that we don’t know what to choose. However, then we need the work to be done to perfection and that is where problems can arise. To prevent this from happening the best thing to do is to have a professional team.

Suspended sculpture art should be handled by a company like Smart Art. After all, here you will find everything you need to produce and install those works you want to see in your living room. The best art experts in Florida are waiting for you to put their creativity on your side. Don’t miss the chance to decorate any place with works of great value and elegance.

Just contact us to let us know your vision: What do you want to see in your property? What are your preferences? We take care of creating a link between your ideas and art and then express it in a work of art that you will not be able to resist. In addition, we handle the best budgets so you can always know the real value of each work.

There is no doubt that art requires you to work with those who have the creativity and experience. Do you want more information? Services like suspended sculptures and more are available on our website. Log in now and you will see why we are the most reputable art company in Florida.

Enjoy the art of suspended sculpture with Smart Art!



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