Art in Public: 5 Rewards of Art on Display

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Art in Public: 5 Rewards of Art on Display

hotel lobby decorJust imagine, for a moment, if you were to take a survey. One question that you are asking participants is their favorite activity during the day.

Chances are, you would hear replies such as “being with my family and friends” or “going out to dinner” or maybe even “having a great work out” as answers.

Probably the answer “going to a doctors’ appointment” would not be one of the responses you’d hear. Clearly, this is because it is an activity which many find stressful. There has even been a term coined for this state of mind, and it has become part of our vernacular: white coat syndrome.

Yet research has shown there is a way to lower stress for people in waiting rooms at hospitals, and in other places, too. The answer? Having pieces of art in the public areas. In a hospital, for instance, this would be a waiting room. In fact, nature images, posters, abstract designs and sculptures, in examining rooms at the Cleveland Clinic resulted in a 60% reduction in patient stress levels.

There are many benefits to displaying art in public places, hospitals, corporate centers, lobbies, waiting rooms, as hotel lobby decor and in other common areas. Here are 5 benefits to having artwork displayed in public.

Art is Educational

When viewing a piece of art, as hotel lobby decor, for instance, the mind and imagination are challenged. Curiosity is aroused. We want to know about the artist and what the piece means. We ask questions. We discuss. We find a context. We share. We learn.

Art Creates Jobs

The process of obtaining pieces of art for a display engages many, many individuals. The interior design specialist must have a concept for the space. The artist or artists must create the pieces. A project manager must coordinate the installation, including directing the workers cleaning and prepping the site and those doing the actual mounting of the pieces in the display. Hospitality individuals organize the opening reception. Many individuals add to their livelihood by being involved in this kind of project.

Art Adds to the Real Estate Value of a Property

Having pieces of art displayed as hotel lobby decor, or as art in the workplace or even as restaurant decor adds to the ambiance of a site. The overall atmosphere is enhanced, and the pieces themselves literally add to the monetary value of the property. The aesthetic value is priceless.

Art Adds a Sense of Solidarity

There is no question about the power of art to unify people from all walks of life. In terms of hospital art, it has been shown that the healing power of art eases stress in patients and their families. Also, a sense of “we are all in this together” is another benefit of art in hospitals, particularly in waiting rooms.

Art Adds a Sense of Empowerment

Viewing a piece of art can be an inspirational experience. You can feel excited, goal driven and able to achieve anything you desire. How often do we hear that a piece of art has “spoken” to someone? Quite often! This empowering effect of art has an impact on the individual, a transformation. How inspiring is that?!

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” To sum up, this anonymous quote comes to mind when thinking about the benefits of adding a display of artwork as hotel lobby decor or to create a relaxing atmosphere in another environment. You might not be able to say exactly why it’s so wonderful, but you know for sure that it has made you feel really good!



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