Art for Assisted Living Facilities: The Secret to a Happy Senior Living Home

Art for Assisted Living Facilities: The Secret to a Happy Senior Living Home

Senior living communities are taking a new look and pulling away from the traditional designs that projected them as old and boring places. Assisted living facilities are not only adopting modern architectural designs to spice up the living space, but they are also utilizing art for senior care homes. Today, developers of senior homes are accounting for turn-key art services that take about 1-2% of the construction budget. This is a negligible cost to pay, given the enormous value that art for assisted living facilities adds to a senior living community.

Benefits of Art for Assisted Living Facilities

1. Adds Flavor to the Interiors

As senior care homes developers go the extra mile to furnish retirement homes with modern furniture and elegant interior design ideas, the artwork is the icing on the cake. Art for retirement communities completes the interior design of a senior living home. When decorating an assisted living facility, you should take into account the overall effect that the design will have on the residents.

Art has a way of inspiring the mind and boosting the moods of seniors, the resident staff, and visitors. Modern and elegant furniture will speak volumes of your taste and class, and fine artwork will inspire love and comfort. As such, the residents of a senior care home will feel at home, and new residents will feel more welcome.

2. Inspires More Love and Socialization

Colors and art stimulates the creative parts of the mind. People accustomed to fine pieces of artwork are usually more imaginative and productive. Art for senior living is necessary to keep the seniors’ minds engaged and provoke action. For instance, a framed picture of the Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean may inspire seniors to talk about the memories they had when they visited. As they keep the talk going, more memories crop up, and before they know it, it is already time for bed.

One of the lowest feelings for seniors is loneliness and boredom. If art for senior living helps eliminate these bottom feelings, why not have art for assisted living facilities? By engaging art design consultants, you will transform the assisted living facility into a special home-for-all.

3. Updates the Seniors on How the World Is Changing

senior care homes that prioritize artwork have happier and healthier residents. At old age, seniors want to feel that they are still part of the community. Art does this as it communicates to the seniors what is happening in their community. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. The finest art consultants will take time to interact with the residents of a senior living community.

From their interaction, they will be able to know what values each of the seniors stand for and what makes them tick even at old age. For instance, if some of the seniors are retired architects, a picture of the latest modern building will keep them smiling.

Choosing Art for Assisted Living Facilities

Before you decorate your facility with random pieces of artwork, you should take some time to deliberate. Remember that bad art is as good as no art. You should consider the interior design. The artwork should complement the interior design. If you are not an expert in art design, this may seem like a tall order.

Engaging an art consultant will give you better results. Art consultants are professionals who know more about art and how to use artwork to inspire certain feelings in people. A senior care home that is decorated with carefully selected art feels more accommodative and receptive to the residents, staff, and visitors.

Art for assisted living facilities is an extra and much-needed benefit to any senior care home. These benefits of art for seniors are not only good for business but also promote the well-being of the seniors. Art for senior living triggers positive action and feelings in the seniors. A senior care home with happy residents is a successful home, and good artwork makes this possible.



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