How the Right Art Can Enhance Your Assisted Living Facility

How the Right Art Can Enhance Your Assisted Living Facility

Creating a relaxing atmosphere is a critical job function of anyone who works to design spaces in assisted living facilities. Not sure how art design impacts assisted living facilities? Let us answer a few questions.

What Are the Benefits of Art?

The benefits of art in assisted living facilities are numerous. The right art can help your employees as it boosts productivity and aids stress relief. It also creates a lighter environment for patients and their loved ones. Whatever the mission of your facility, it can benefit from the curation and installation of the right art. But sometimes it’s challenging to select artwork that speaks to the vision you have for your facility. This is where corporate art consultants come in. With years of expertise and specific knowledge, corporate art consultants work with you to develop a plan for beautifying your assisted living environment through the healing, transformational power of art.

How Can Corporate Art Consultants Help?

You may be asking yourself what exactly do corporate art consultants do? It’s a common question. Art consultants help healthcare, hospitality services, and corporate spaces adorn their facilities with the right artwork. Using industry experts, they narrow down art styles, framing, and mediums to save you valuable time and money. It’s also worth noting that high-quality corporate art consultants work with your input to customize artwork that fits the unique characteristics of your space. In addition, they ensure that you comply with safety standards, provide durable framing services, and perform the installation.

Can Art Make a Day to Day Difference?

For assisted living facilities and services, custom art is especially important to creating a positive, stimulating environment for employees and patients alike. The healing power of art is not only observable in the day to day interactions of people, but it is also supported by data from research studies. Data from a University of London study conducted in the year 2011 found that blood flow increased 10 percent to the “joy response” part of the brain when subjects saw a beautiful painting. This effect is just like the one you experience when you look at a loved one. As you know, assisted living environments can be overwhelming places that have high levels of uncertainty and stress. Producing positive stimulation in the joy response part of the brain is an incredible benefit to those that are present. For this reason, the utility of artwork for hospitals cannot be overlooked.

If you’re trying to improve the overall quality of your assisted living facility, then choosing the right corporate art consultants is an excellent choice. By keeping your budget and design visions in mind, they will help you enhance and enliven your space with the incredible power of art.



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