About the Artist:

This artist and designer from Santa Fe city (Argentine) ―who is a graduate of Escuela Provincial de Artes Visuales «Juan Mantovani» (Santa Fe city)― uses mixed techniques that come from pre-Columbian art, surrealism and graffiti, as well as he shows the influence of contemporary art.

His altruistic vision permeates each one of his works of art, which aim at drawing the spectator’s perception, to all of her senses. Alan breaks the limits in order to achieve transcendence and he does so by means of an experimental use of the light, working on its presence and absence.

Unique in its style and as a self-taught person, Brignone expanded his art to fashion design and objects of use.

The art of Brignone was exhibited in many galleries located in different cities around the world, such as New York, L. A., Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Coronda and Esperanza. He was a supporter of «Lalec», a foundation that fights against cancer. He has also contributed with  some other social institutions such as «Dr. Orlando Alassia» Children’s Hospital and «Dr. Edgardo Manzitti» school for blind people.

Nowadays, Brignone is experimenting with alternative formats and avant-garde techniques.

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