8 suspended sculpture art fabricators and their most emblematic works ????

Discover some of the most famous suspended sculpture art fabricators!

8 suspended sculpture art fabricators and their most emblematic works ????

From the great suspended sculpture art fabricators of the Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary sculptors who are breaking the mold. Discover the artists and works that are already part of the history of art with this article of Smart Art’s blog.


The Italian artist is one of the most renowned sculptors of the Renaissance, so he can’t stay out of this list. Thanks to the perfection of stiacciato (the technique of flattened relief), Donatello managed to give a sense of depth and relief to his works. 

Among the most famous creations of the artist, who worked in marble, bronze and wood, among other materials, are: the David (Museo Nazionale del Bargello), Mary Magdalene Penitent (Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence) and Gattamelata.


One of the most known artists in history

If we are talking about suspended sculpture art fabricators, we cannot fail to mention Micheangelo. He not only excelled in the field of sculpture, but also in painting and architecture.

Although he was born in Caprese, he spent most of his life in Florence and Rome. After convincing his father of his vocation as an artist, he began to learn painting in the workshop of Domenico Ghirlandaio, and later, sculpture in the Medici garden. 

When he was only 23 years old and shortly after his arrival in Rome, the Renaissance genius received a commission from Cardinal de Saint Denis. Thus, in less than a year, he created The Pietà, the masterpiece of his youth, which we can admire today in St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Upon his return to Florence, and commissioned by the Opera del Duomo, the artist began to sculpt the David. This sculpture would become one of the symbols of the Renaissance and the jewel of the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

If Michelangelo is one of the great representatives of the Renaissance, Bernini is one of the great representatives of the Baroque. The sculptural works of the versatile Neapolitan artist, who also excelled in the fields of painting and architecture, stand out for their drama and dynamism. 

The Borghese Gallery is probably the best place to discover and see with your own eyes the intensity and strength of his creations. Don’t miss Apollo and Daphne, The Rapture of Proserpina, David, and Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius, which are ones of their most famous works.

Antonio Canova

If you’re looking for suspended sculpture art fabricators, you should know that the Venetian painter and sculptor is one of the leading exponents of neoclassical sculpture. Encouraged by his grandfather, he began his artistic training at an early age, and came to be considered the best sculptor in Europe since the time of Bernini.

Canova’s marble sculptures, which were inspired by Classical Antiquity, are characterized by their perfect finishes, whose ideal beauty can even be a bit distant. Some of his most outstanding works are Eros and Psyche (Louvre Museum), The Three Graces (Hermitage Museum) and Theseus and the Minotaur (Victoria and Albert Museum).

Auguste Rodin

This renowned French artist is considered the father of modern sculpture. Although after several years studying drawing, the artist did not manage to enter the prestigious “École des Beaux-Arts”, Rodin continued his training on his own. 

Rodin sculpted The Bronze Age, which would mark a turning point in his artistic career. At its peak, about 50 assistants worked in his workshop. 

The master was in charge of molding the sculptures in clay or plaster, among other materials, and later, from his molds, the assistants were in charge of reproducing them in marble, bronze, etc.

Among his most outstanding works are The Thinker, The Kiss and The Gate of Hell. Come to the Rodin Museum in Paris to learn more about the career of this prolific artist.

Constantin Brancusi

Brancusi is a Romanian writer, photographer and painter, although he developed most of his artistic career in Paris, where he became friends with Rodin. During his maturity, his creations moved away from the realism characteristic of the 19th century, creating his own style in which pure and simple forms predominated, inspired by prehistoric and African art. 

This simplification of forms makes many consider him the precursor of abstract sculpture. Some of the most repeated forms in his creations are the egg, the elongated cylinder or the birds. The Kiss, The Sleeping Muse and Bird in Space are some of his most famous works.

Henry Moore

When you’re looking for suspended sculpture art fabricators, the acclaimed British sculptor is world renowned for his abstract sculptures. In the artist’s works one can see the influences of the Renaissance masters, as well as the Toltec Mayan culture. 

Although in his beginnings Moore preferred to directly carve the rock or the material used in his creations, he later switched to the technique of molding. Most of his works are abstract representations of women, and sometimes of family groups, with a clear predominance of reclining figures, undulating forms and empty spaces.

The Reina Sofia Museum houses his work, but many of his most acclaimed creations are found in public spaces, such as King and Queen, Reclining Woman or West Wind.

Alexander Calder

Las Nubes, one of Calder’s most outstanding works, located in the Aula Magna of the University City of Caracas, Venezuela

Although he also created static sculptures, Calder is world renowned for having invented the mobile sculpture. Before enrolling in art school, the American sculptor had studied mechanical engineering. 

His abstract sculptures, made up of different pieces joined together by wires or ropes and usually suspended in the air, conquered the world. One of his most outstanding works is Las nubes, located in the aula magna of the university city of Caracas (declared World Heritage of Humanity, among other things, for the masterpieces it houses). 

Other recognized works include Calder’s Circus, Flying Dragon and Flamingo, among many others. Calder is undoubtedly one of the great representatives of the suspended sculpture art fabricators.



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