6 Things Art Can Do for Your Workplace

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6 Things Art Can Do for Your Workplace

Introducing visual art into a workplace’s decor has a number of proven positive results. It can improve staff morale, performance, and production, make an impression on clients and potential clients, and help to define a company’s identity and brand. More and more businesses are turning to professional art consulting services to learn how art, from painting to sculpture to photography and even architecture, can have a place in their workplace, and how to get the greatest impact from it. Read on for a few dynamic things that art can do for your business.

professional art consulting servicesPromote Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

More than 60% of respondents to a recent survey reported that art in their workplace stimulated them creatively. The presence of beautiful, dynamic, and even challenging art can inspire staff and partners to work more creatively, approach intimidating projects with new confidence, and see things from different perspectives. The presence of art in a workplace not only inspires new ideas but also sends the message that new ideas and new ways of thinking will be welcomed and utilized.

Define Your Brand and Identity

Professional art consulting services work closely with companies to make sure that the art that is being used matches the objectives, identity, and culture of the business. Using art this way can be very impactful in defining your business and brand. Making art a priority sends a message about the culture of a company, its aesthetics, and the way it values the staff, partners, and clients that use its space. Using art in a workplace is a way for a business to express itself.

Add Positive Atmosphere

Adding art to your workplace is also a great way to define the ambiance of the space, which can be very effective at defining the mood and motivation of staff and visitors and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Studies have proven that the presence of appropriate art has an effect on the viewer not dissimilar to that of seeing a loved one: activation of the biological joy response. Professional art consulting services are frequently used to make sure that art helps to build a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

Enhance Communication

Few things are more essential to the success of a business than communication. And according to professional art consulting services veterans, few things enhance workplace communication better than art. Art is if nothing else a catalyst for engagement, both with the art and with others regarding the art. It encourages the ready exchange of reflections, opinions, and ideas. It can also initiate conversation, be the impetus for transitions from small talk, and be a focal point for important creative discussions. It fosters expression beyond the rudimentary and mundane and instills a confidence that ideas and opinions will be received and respected.

Make Staff Feel Valued

The presence of art in a workplace humanizes that space. And the contrast between a workplace appointed with the aid of professional art consulting services and one that is not is as stark as the contrast between “team members” and “human resources.” The effort and expense involved in outfitting a workplace with art makes staff feel human, dynamic, and valued.

Make an Impression on Clients

What can make a positive, unique, and compelling impression within the five or so seconds that first impressions are usually formed? Perhaps only art. And for a business entertaining new and prospective clients, first impressions are critical. Eye-catching, arresting, and appropriate art selected with the input of a fine art consultant can draw the eye and the imagination of anyone experiencing a workplace for the first time, almost instantly. It is an opportunity to make an immediate statement about your brand, your culture, your values, and your aesthetics.

According to studies, the presence of art in the workplace increases creativity, encourages free-thinking and expression, and reduces stress. It can make an immediate positive impression, make staff feel valued, enhance communication, build a dynamic and positive atmosphere, and define your work, your presence, and your brand.



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