3 Ways Workplace Art Can Stimulate Employee Productivity

how art helps employees

3 Ways Workplace Art Can Stimulate Employee Productivity

how art helps employeesIt’s only natural that, if you run a business, you’d be concerned with the productivity of your employees. Their output directly affects your bottom line, after all. But in some cases, business owners don’t realize that small changes to the office environment can have a big impact on employee productivity. For example, art in the workplace can significantly change a worker’s ability to come up with new concepts, help them surpass their goals, and even allow them to feel more connected to the business as a whole. In fact, one study found that people who worked in spaces decorated with art were 17% more productive than those who worked in plain spaces. Let’s take a closer look at how art helps employees reach their full potential.


  1. Great Art Design Can Boost Creativity: Posters with cliche “inspirational” sayings probably won’t go very far in motivating your employees. But having art on the walls can stimulate their natural creativity and curiosity — two valuable assets for any company interested in professional growth. Whether you use nature photography, paintings, or other media, you’ll be providing some real stimuli for your staff. This can encourage them to think outside the box and come up with ideas that can improve your business.
  2. Office Artwork Can Improve Engagement: If you have a fantastic culture (or are trying to develop one), art can play a valuable role in reinforcing your company values. Having high-quality art on the walls shows that you care about the work environment — and therefore, your employees — and it presents a great opportunity to drive home your business’s values. This can help improve engagement among employees; if they feel they are valued and their work environment is a priority, they’ll be more inclined to stay and to produce the best work possible. As a bonus, it can help them feel proud about where they work and feel confident when taking meetings with clients. This can ultimately improve your closing rate and strengthen relationships with collaborators.
  3. Art Can Distract From Workplace Stress: One of the many health benefits of art is stress reduction. While no workplace can really be stress-free, the fact is that something as simple as adding tranquil pieces of art around the office can help to alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms of excessive stress. Wondering how art helps employees dial down their stress levels? Studies have found that looking at certain types of art can make us feel more joyful and instantly make us feel calmer. If you find employees are too anxious to produce the work necessary for the success of your business, you may find that adding art can be one effective way to lessen the load.


Understanding how art helps employees may prove extremely important for the health of your business overall. For more information on how our art consultants can improve the aesthetic value of your workspace and help your employees thrive, contact us today.



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