3 Ways To Reduce Office Stress With A Workspace Makeover


3 Ways To Reduce Office Stress With A Workspace Makeover

photographyWorkplace stress is an overwhelmingly common issue for Americans. While many of us carry around our stress like a badge of honor, it’s actually very detrimental to both our health and our work performance. Happy employees with low stress levels are more loyal, productive, creative, and healthy — all of which directly affects your bottom line. Although it may not be possible to have a completely stress free workplace, it’s key to reduce that stress whenever possible. One of the best ways to do that is through your office design. Below, we’ve outlined just a few ways you can make your office more aesthetically pleasing and keep your employees focused and content.

  1. Allow For CustomizationIf you have a fairly typical office full of boring cubicles, chances are that your employees aren’t going to feel very inspired. But if you allow your workers to customize their individual spaces and get their input on collaborative meeting spots, they’ll likely feel much more creative when they’re at work. Workplace culture is huge in the digital age, so you need to do everything you can to create a sense of community and belonging. By letting employees make their desks or cubicles their own, they’ll be more inclined to stay for the long haul. Plus, being able to look at family portraits, nature photography, or art with personal meaning will help them feel less stressed throughout the day.
  2. Use Natural LightThose overhead fluorescent lights can be extremely harsh, especially when you’re already stressed out. They can worsen headaches, strain eyes, and generally make you feel wiped out. Whenever possible, bring in natural light to offset these effects. Skylights, large windows, or glass installations can be very effective. Keeping up with landscaping can help too, as overgrown bushes and trees will keep the light out and can create a less welcoming atmosphere. You may also want to think about forgoing traditional cubicles for other types of designated work spaces, since these walls can block out light and make employees feel closed off or anxious. Working in lighter, brighter spaces, on the other hand, will make them feel energized and motivated to do their best.
  3. Incorporate ArtThere are countless benefits of art in the workplace: 94% of survey respondents said they believe it makes their work environment more welcoming, while 61% feel it stimulates creativity. That means that installing modern art or photography in your office can help promote your brand and increase your output. But most employees also find that when art is installed at work, it creates a relaxing atmosphere that allows them to feel less burned out at the end of the day. Taking a short break to view artwork or photography in between meetings and projects can help your employees reset their brains and moods, allowing them to be more effective at their jobs and produce higher quality work overall. Whether it’s a calming nature scene or a contemporary piece that’s open to interpretation, art makes people calmer, happier, and more innovative.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your employees, improve output and attendance, and make a better impression in general, pay close attention to the design of your office. Adding in art, natural light, and personal touches can have a big impact on your organization’s success.



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