3 Tips To Transform Your Hotel Lobby Into An Amazing Experience

hotel lobby art

3 Tips To Transform Your Hotel Lobby Into An Amazing Experience

hotel lobby artWhen people travel, one of the first things they look forward to when arriving at their destination is checking into a hotel. The hotel lobby gives these travelers their first impression of what kind of adventure lies ahead during their stay. Having the right hotel lobby art is crucial for making a good impression on guests and helping them enjoy their stay. Here are three hotel lobby design factors to keep in mind that will help transform your lobby into an amazing experience:

Who Are Your Guests?

When thinking about the design of your hotel lobby, it’s important to know who your guests are so you can cater to their needs. Are your guests mostly parents with young children or couples looking for a romantic getaway? Are your guests a younger crowd or an older one? Why do your guests choose your hotel over others in your local area?

If you are catering to families with young children, your lobby might feature hotel lobby art that children love along with activities that would interest them. For couples, you may want to consider paintings and sculptures featuring romantic lovers as well as plush loveseat where they can cuddle close. According to a 2011 University of London study, when subjects viewed a beautiful painting, their blood flow increased 10% to the “joy response” part of the brain. This response stimulates the same feelings as looking at a loved one. Your lobby should reflect the experience your guests are seeking the moment they walk through the door.

Create A Refuge

When your guests arrive, they are most likely weary from their travels and can’t wait to unwind. Use your hotel lobby to give them that sense of rest and relaxation immediately. Give them comfortable couches and chairs that allow them to stand to take a much-needed break. Hang artwork with blue, green, or purple color schemes as these induce feelings of relaxation.

Think Social

Turn your hotel lobby into an area where guests want to linger and socialize. Give your guests a reason to venture out of their rooms with plenty of things to see, do, and explore. Find unique and interesting sculptures and paintings to catch their eye and perhaps take a few photos with. Provide luxurious furniture where guests can sit and chat.

Your hotel lobby is more than just a transition spot between the outside world and the rooms where your guests will stay. Transform it into an experience your guests will love using hotel lobby art that helps them better enjoy their stay. Make your hotel lobby decor reflect a relaxing atmosphere of stress relief from the harsh world outside. Give them a satisfying end to their adventure that they will never forget.



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