3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Artwork

corporate art consulting

3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Artwork

corporate art consultingWhen it comes to decorating a corporate office, minimalism may not be the best route. Though you may believe that having fewer visual distractions would make for a more productive workplace, this has been proven untrue. People who work in enriched spaces, such as those decorated with art or plants, were found to be 17% more productive when compared to those in offices without decoration. Below are some tips for capitalizing on the benefits of art in the workplace.

1. Make Your Employees Feel More Relaxed

A stress-free workplace is a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a productive one. Displaying art that gives off relaxing energy can help your employees feel less stressed and therefore be able to accomplish more while they are at work. If you’re not sure where to start with choosing relaxing art, using a corporate art consulting service may be a good idea. An art consultant will be able to help you figure out the best art for the environment that you are trying to foster.

2. Inspire Your Employees

All pieces of art have a story behind them and choosing to display pieces that showcase an encouraging message can help your employees feel more inspired. The more inspired and motivated your employees are, the more productive and creative they can be, and the more they can help your company flourish.

3. Foster Positive Communication Between Employees

Art creates a response from those that view it, and in having that emotional response, viewers can foster communication between themselves and others. By communicating about a piece of art, employees may feel more connected to one another and therefore they become better suited to working collaboratively. If your employees can bond over the art in the office, they will strengthen their interpersonal bonds in the workplace.

Art in the workplace has many benefits, and professional art consulting services can help you to choose the best art pieces to foster the kind of environment you want in your office. Those that choose to go into corporate art consulting have a level of expertise in making sure that they choose the kind of art that a client wants to inspire positive feelings in their employees.



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