3 Main Benefits of Art for Seniors

benefits of art for seniors

3 Main Benefits of Art for Seniors

benefits of art for seniorsBeautiful pieces of artwork stimulate our imagination, reduce our stress levels, and have a calming effect on our psychology. Artwork transforms a common space into a beautiful place and inspires us in different ways. Among us, the seniors would most benefit from these positive effects of art, given the challenges that come with aging. Here are just a few of the benefits of art for seniors.

1. Art for Seniors Helps Spark Conversations

Boredom advances the effects of aging rapidly. Seniors in an assisted living facility often spend their days in silence until something interesting comes up – this is when they can speak their mind. However, new stories may not come forth more often when they see the same things every day. Art for retirement communities juggles the memory of the seniors, and new stories are born. For instance, a framed picture of New York City may stir many memories among the residents. The two things seniors have in plenty is time and stories. So, one piece of art will set the ball rolling, and in a flash, a silent senior care home becomes animated and full of life.

2. Brings the Outside World into the Senior Home

For most seniors, they do not go out as much as they would like. Even though they have the time to tour around, their health conditions greatly reduce their mobility. Traveling and seeing new things keeps our minds active and curious. What can we do for the largely immobile seniors so that they can stay connected to the outside world? Definitely, through artwork and photography. By using artwork, we can paint a vivid picture of the outside world. This may be through a photo of the newest skyscraper in town, or the renovated leisure park near the facility. Having an idea of the new changes happening in the world gives the seniors a true picture of how the outside world is changing.

3. Keeps the Seniors Inspired and in High Moods

The University of London conducted a study in 2011. The study found out that when subjects saw a beautiful painting, the blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for “joy response” increased by 10% as it happens when you see a loved one. Therefore, bringing forth happiness and joy is one of the main benefits of art for seniors. When residents in an assisted living facility are happy and joyful, even the caregivers catch up with the mood. Smiling and laughing more often goes a long way to reducing and preventing many aging effects

There is no doubt that artwork improves the quality of living for the seniors in an assisted living facility. Beautiful artwork creates a positive effect on the seniors’ moods, and they feel more at home when they see pieces of fine artwork each day. In the long run, artwork helps boost their health substantially while also inspiring them to live long enough to enjoy more art. Given the many benefits of art for seniors, it is prudent to engage an art design consultant to help you pick the quality art for assisted living facilities.



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