3 Hotels With Amazing Art (And What You Can Learn From Them)

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3 Hotels With Amazing Art (And What You Can Learn From Them)

art designMany luxury hotels have embraced the tradition of emphasizing their art design. Often, these renowned art collections have set them apart from other lodgings in the area and around the world. Not only are these hotels unique, but they may also offer greater guest satisfaction as well. One University of London study found that when subject viewed a beautiful painting, the blood flow to their “joy response” part of the brain increased by 10%. Let’s take a closer look at three hotels with famous art collections and how they’re spreading joy to people all across the globe.

    1. The Thief — Oslo, Norway
      This aptly named hotel “steals” pieces from Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art and from Petter Strodalen, a Norwegian property developer and art collector, to display throughout every room. This hotel art design encompasses 150 or so contemporary pieces that change periodically. There are even multimedia installations and other kooky experiences to be found in the Apparatjik Suite.
    1. 21c Museum Hotel — Louisville, Kentucky
      This 91-room boutique hotel is home to 9,000 square feet of art exhibition space that features site-specific pieces and curated collections. Their gallery is open to the public every day, but that’s not the only place in this hotel to enjoy the art design. Each room is decorated with original artwork (the “Asleep in the Cyclone” room is particularly immersive and special), and their renowned restaurant, Proof on Main, and lobby areas are steeped in artistic works.
  1. Mandarin Oriental — Hong Kong
    Designer Don Ashton, who art directed Bridge Over the River Kwai, served as the major source of inspiration for this hotel. Over the years, the Mandarin Oriental has added to its art collection — which encompasses everything from Han Dynasty carvings to modern art. Their extravagant Mandarin Suite features Qing Dynasty robes and Sung Dynasty burial-vases-turned-lamps. There are all kinds of room styles here, from traditional to contemporary, but all are artfully decorated.

But these examples aren’t the only ones to have discovered how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels through art. Smaller boutique hotels and even hotel chains are also starting to realize that their artwork matters. Working with hotel artwork suppliers to create something truly special and evocative, rather than run-of-the-mill, can allow these establishments to truly succeed. To speak with our hospitality art consultants, please contact us today.



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