3 Great Tips For Upgrading Your Hotel’s Appearance

3 Great Tips For Upgrading Your Hotel’s Appearance

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Working in the hospitality industry can be extremely rewarding but also quite challenging. Running a hotel, for instance, requires much more work than simply owning a building and opening its doors to guests. You need to spend time each week improving your hotel’s appearance and doing all you can to keep your guests happy and coming back.

Your customer service needs to be of the highest quality, sure. But your guests will likely never return if the building, lobby, or room doesn’t look nice.

Here are some great tips for improving the look of your hotel:

Work with an art consultant

Art is a must-have for any hotel. You can’t just hang up a few paintings that your friend from college gave you, however. You need to get some legitimate, fine art that evokes positive emotions from your guests. According to a University of London study, when subjects saw a beautiful painting, blood flow increased 10% to the “joy response” part of the brain — similar to looking at a loved one.

By working with a professional art consultant, you’ll be able to find, purchase, and place beautiful art pieces throughout your hotel. From hotel lobby decor to individual rooms and bathrooms, your entire building needs to look nice and beautiful art will certainly help.

Stick with neutral tones

Take a look at your hotel’s paint scheme. If you have too many vibrant colors, you might want to repaint everything with some more neutral colors. Too many colors might seem like a good idea in your head, but it looks messy in real life. This isn’t the 1970s anymore… it’s time to get rid of soft yellows, contrasting accent walls, and colorful wallpaper patterns.

Neutral tones have emerged as a popular design trend. Simply start by browsing Pinterest and other design sites to get color-palette ideas and plan your new painting project.

Invest in quality, modern furniture

Again, this is 2019 — it’s time to upgrade your furniture to a more modern approach. Purchasing quality, modern furniture will leave your guests impressed and comfortable throughout their stay. Don’t just buy nice beds, either. You’ll need plenty of sofas, chairs, and other furniture items throughout your hotel. Talk to your art consultant about finding furniture that pairs well with your art pieces.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your hotel lobby design or work with professional art consulting services, give SmArtArt a call right away!



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