3 Easy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Hotel Rooms (And Overall Guest Satisfaction)

3 Easy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Hotel Rooms (And Overall Guest Satisfaction)

If you run an independent hotel or manage a hospitality chain, you’ll undoubtedly want to do everything you can to increase your customer loyalty. In the digital age, just one bad review can have a big impact on your business. While you should certainly pay close attention to your customer service and marketing, you should also focus on the look of your hotel rooms. When a room looks outdated or dreary, you aren’t likely to get too many repeat reservations. Need a few simple ways to get started? Read on.

  1. Invest in quality, modern furniture
    Unless you run a quaint bed and breakfast, you’ll probably want to go the modern route for your furniture. But too many hotels make the mistake of going the cheap route. Unfortunately, this usually means that their chairs and sofas are uncomfortable. Even if your guests are on a business trip, they’ll want to relax in their room during their downtime. The chairs you purchase should ideally be made of natural fibers and feel comfy to sit in for any length of time. These pieces should be both functional and attractive. Patterns are typically preferred, but depending on your theme, you may want to go for solid colors instead. Just make sure the chairs and couches aren’t covered in vinyl or match the carpeting.
  2. Pay attention to art design
    With many hotels, the art on the walls is a major afterthought — and you can tell. Bad hotel art looks generic at best and depressing at worst. But you don’t have to buy the same pieces in bulk. Instead, work with hotel artwork suppliers to find photography or still life pieces that actually further the theme and feel of your establishment. Your hotel artwork suppliers will ensure everything feels cohesive, calming, and uplifting. This doesn’t have to represent a large expense, either. In fact, art services should make up about 1-2% of your entire construction budget. Therefore, working with hospitality art consultants is a very affordable way to take your rooms from drab to fab.
  3. Get creative with your layout
    Sometimes, all the elements might already be there but they aren’t being displayed in the most attractive way. By forgetting about your layout, you’re doing a disservice to your own establishment. Experiment with furniture placement so that it’s not all against the same wall and look online for layout inspiration. This will cost you literally nothing (and you can always change it back if you find it doesn’t work!), but it can really enhance your guests’ experiences. Just be sure to keep traffic flow and function in mind before deciding on a final design.

It may seem like a daunting task to improve guest satisfaction, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. By purchasing higher quality furnishings, working with hotel artwork suppliers, and revamping your room layout, you will likely make a noticeable difference in how your establishment is perceived.



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